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Parallel Lines

Client Information

One of our goals at LG is to have clear and open communication with our clients. On this page, you will find all of our pricing sheets from across the site all in one place. Additionally, you will find more specific information around how LG likes to work.


When beginning a new project, our goal is to make it as simple and clear for each party involved. We have created a standard way we like to operate. 


Initial Contact

From the client, we request the following items: 

     - Preliminary Design Package (including scenery, props, dressing)

     - Overall Concept and Scope

     - Preliminary Shooting Schedule

          - Note that if there is only a concept for your project, LG can become the designers for an additional fee.

Once that information is given, Lucky Giraffe will create:

     - Initial Estimate

     - Initial Contract

     - Client Intake Form

     - Build Schedule (for larger projects)


For every $15k in estimated labor, we ask:

     7 Days before Load-In: Layout, including flooring, flat arrangement, and custom builds.

     3 Days before Load-In: Finishing details, including trim, windows, doors, paint, etc.

          Rush fees may be applied when deadlines aren't met. We are not responsible for supply chain issues and recommend making selections as early as possible.


Your Project Lead will work with you to finalize scheduling and detail expectations, approve change orders, answer questions, and keep you informed of progress.

All communication pertaining to the project will be documented in writing. Communications not documented in writing are not guaranteed to be carried out.

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Estimate Breakdown

In this PDF document, you will see a descriptive breakdown of each section, fee, and charge you will see on our estimate.

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Client Intake Form

When we begin a project with a client, even if we have worked with them before, we use this document to clarify the details of our project.

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Flat Rental Pricing

This document breaks down the cost of renting one of existing, stock flats.

For the first part of 2022, our pre-made flats are 50% off!

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Custom Flat Pricing

This document breaks down how much it will cost to build the perfect, unique flat for your project.

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In this document, you will see how track any changes to your project.

Change Form
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