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Parallel Lines


At Lucky Giraffe, we strive to be the one-stop-shop for the Austin entertainment community. Take a look at the variety of productions we have taken a part of and see how it can inspire you to use Lucky Giraffe for your projects!


Ranging from building a single diving board, to fully realizing 6 sets for one commercial, we excel and making commercials happen in our Austin area.

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Production Truck

Film and Television

Our company was formed when we had the chance to design and build Sister Aimee, and since then, we jump at the excitement we feel each time we work on a few film. We also specialize in working with student filmmakers, helping them fully realize their films.


From pop up events in Austin and across the U.S, we work with our clients to create unique, one of a kind events that will keep people talking.


Special Events

From one night galas to weekend long festivals, we work with our clients to fulfill their unique and exciting event needs.

Unique Projects

Working with our clients, we specialize in creating that fixture you want to make a statement, be it a color changing desk, a multi-faceted music video shoot, and everything between!


3D Printing and CNC

With our in-house tools for printing and cutting, we can make your project come to life, both large and small!

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