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Parallel Lines

About Us

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Our Story

Established in 2018, Lucky Giraffe began as a way to cater to a tier of filmmaking that was in sore 
need of an established location and talent to call upon.  We quickly realized that the needs of the industry needed us to expand and grow our current offerings and we began working to save and reuse as much material as possible.  Our main focus is to eliminate overages, waste, and excess in the film industry that stems from the inevitable nature of our short lived projects.  Doing this, we can handle 
large feature films down to student productions, and everything in between.


Lucky Giraffe serves and actualizes artistic vision;

both in the Austin area, and the industry-at-large.


Lucky Giraffe is an artistic collective pursuing creative and innovative approaches to have the greatest impact on the arts and entertainment world with the least impact on the planet.

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