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Production Truck

A one-of-a-kind offering to the Central Texas area, our fully stocked production truck has everything you need to fully realize a production at your location, including our own trained professional.

Some of the benefits of using our fully loaded production truck include:

  • Saving on labor and truck rental costs for the prep and return days of the shoot since no one will have to fetch and return the equipment and truck. If camera or other equipment needs to be picked up, you only pay for the driver and truck ($350) for that day and not the equipment.

  • Much of our additional equipment is stored on the truck and ready at a moment's notice.

  • Our standard package saves you more money then renting from our competitors, and that does not include the truck or driver we provide.

  • A truck manager / PA is at your disposal to help set up production equipment. The truck manager will have a list of inventory onboard the truck and can assist the production department with whatever is required.

Use the form below to easily contact Lucky Giraffe about renting our production truck today!

After you have contacted us, we will coordinate the dates (if available) with you as well as go through what extras you may want to add on.

To review everything we have to offer, including what is in our standard package and what you can add, click here

Basic Package Information

The truck is available at $1250 per day:

     - $1000 for the truck

     - $250 for the driver/PA

This price includes 30 miles of travel per day for free

     - 15¢ will be charged per mile after 30

The truck includes our standard equipment package as well as the following hospitality items:

     - Medical Essentials Kit, Emergency Water, Roadside    

       Kit, Sunscreen, Bugspray, Small Tool Kit

Also, in the interest of hospitality, Lucky Giraffe will strive to fulfill any custom requests for equipment for other items not listed on the order form. Be sure to list these request in your initial contact with us.

Standard Equipment Package

  • (20) 20lb Sandbags

  • (4) 10' x 10' Tents, White

  • (6) 10' x 10' Tent Sides

  • (1) 5-Gallon Can, Diesel

  • (1) 5-Gallon Can, Gas

  • (2) Box Fans

  • (2) Butt Buckets

  • (2) Cans, Recyling

  • (2) Cans, Trash

  • (1) Compressor w/ Hose

  • (10) Cones

  • (5) Director Chairs, Short

  • (10) Director Chairs, Tall

  • (25) Folding Chairs

  • (20) Folding Tables

  • (1) Generator

  • (15) Grip Clips

  • (1) Magliner

  • (5) Power Strips

  • (1) Push Broom

  • (15) Ratchet Straps

  • (20) Sound Mats

  • (5) Stingers, 10 ft.

  • (5) Stingers, 25 ft.

  • (5) Stingers, 50 ft.

  • (1) Tape Leash

Production Truck Inquiry Form


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