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3D Printing

Information and Pricing

We can work with you to bring your 2D idea into the 3rd dimension! From taking pre-existing files, to creating a new print from scratch, we have all of your 3D needs covered.

We work with our clients to provide the best product, including prototyping and designing, as well as smoothing, painting, and more.

Our prices begin at

$40 per hour for design

$30 per hour for printing PLA

$45 per hour for printing PETG or Carbon Fiber

PLA is biodegradable and organic while PETG is recyclable

Any work for extra smoothing, painting, et. all are an additional cost

Click here for more information on our prices!

All of our services work in conjunction with one another. We can fill your scenic construction needs while printing your fabulous new 3D item!


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